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Maintaining Your Sense of Self During Covid-19

Teaching can be difficult. Teaching your own child while being confined to your house during a pandemic...even more difficult! To say that any of us knew that this would be our new normal is an understatement. I love my job as a teacher. I love my children immensely. I now have an even bigger appreciation for all of the day care workers, baby sitters, and other teachers in the world! YOU are all hero's.

Being with my own two children the past six weeks has been a mixture of emotions. I was excited to have more time with my boys because as any working mom/dad knows, the balance can be hard some days and as any mom/dad knows, the days are long but the years short! I can honestly say that six weeks into our "stay at home order" I have had to get more creative in educating my own two boys on a daily basis as well as take care of a home, a husband, and myself. Do we do "school" everyday? No. Do we do "school" on the weekends? Sometimes. Do we do "school" outside. Sure do. We do school when I know that my boys energy is there and its not going to be a knock down drag out fight to get it done because to me, that's no fun for anyone!

The point of all of this is give yourself grace during this time. Give your kids grace as well! You can NOT do it all and if you try, well, you're not going to be the best mother/father, spouse, friend, daughter/son that you are meant and need to be. It's ok to go in the bathroom and lock the door for a few minutes of peace and quiet. Raise you're hand if you've done that *raising my hand*. It's ok to cry in front of your spouse/kids. You are human and they need to see that. The number of walks that we have taken for gosh knows the reasons is out of this world at this point but do you know what? They were needed and they will continue as they should for you!

Please remember that during this time we are all in this together (did you sing the High School Musical theme song?!?). If you need to reach out to your friends and loved ones for support. Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime are all great ways to see people when we can't physically be there with those that we care about. Of course there is also simply picking up the phone and calling someone as well!

Here are a few tips and tricks that have worked for me during this time. Maybe you can try one and it will help give you the breather that you need.

Tips and Tricks To Help You BREATHE and Maintain Your Sanity:

  • Take a walk/run

  • Read a book in a space without others

  • Grab a snack and watch a favorite tv show

  • Give yourself a manicure/pedicure

  • Try out a new hair style

  • Create a game that your family could play

  • Go through and organize your closet or a drawer

  • Make food that you've always wanted to cook

  • Watch a video that teaches you about a topic you are interested in

  • Try out a new style of exercise

  • Virtually have a happy hour with friends

You've got this! Remember, this is too shall pass. If you need to reach out please don't hesitate, we're in this together!

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