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Ho Ho Holidays!

The holidays are upon us! Between shopping. crafting, and teaching its all one big caffeine fueled winter wonderland. As many of you know the holiday's can already be stressful enough not only for some kids but also for adults.

When I created this resource I had both big and little people in mind. For one I want it to be easy for you as the teacher to print and GO! I also needed it to be rigorous as well as FUN for all students. Idle hands create an idle mind, am I right?!? Keeping those little people hands busy this time of year is KEY! Any down time and oh buddy the tiny humans start to unravel, at least I know my kiddos do.

Ok now let's get into it! How in the world can this keep those tiny humans of yours learning, growing, and having FUN?!? Well I'll show you how!

Your tiny humans are going to be engaged in the hands on activities this resource provides. Penguin playdough mats can be used for not only sight word building but also in small group as well as *gasp* even math activities! Secret Present and Moosetery Sentences will leave them wanting more as they use their detective skills to decode the words and sentences. Art is even integrated as well with Jingle Bells and Shiny and Bright. Let your students creativity flow!

So my question to you is not are you keeping those tiny hands busy and ENGAGED?!?! Let me know!

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